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NAS of Belarus and BCCI organized the exhibition “Intellectual Belarus” at the of The Second Congress of Scientists

The National Academy of Science of Belarus and the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the exhibition “Intellectual Belarus” at the of The Second Congress of Scientists of the Republic of Belarus. The exhibition operator was the Unitary Enterprise “Belinterexpo”.

The exhibition consists of eight clusters related to the development priorities of the country, namely Belarus as an IT-country, technologies of artificial intelligence; electric transport; electronics; nanoindustry and additive production; space technologies; unmanned robotic technologies; biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals; industrial technologies and new materials.

2,600 people, including foreign guests, attended the largest scientific forum of our Republic. Delegates from all regions of Belarus, and well-known scientists from the Union State, the CIS countries, leading foreign academies of sciences, world research organizations and centers are present at the Congress.

The Head of State participates in the Second Congress of Belarusian Scientists. Together with the President, delegates discuss priorities for long-term development and problems. Alexander Lukashenko assures that constructive initiatives and breakthrough ideas of scientists will always be supported by the state.

The "Science and Technology, 2018-2040" Draft Strategy is a key document submitted to the Second Congress of Scientists of Belarus. Currently, it is in the process of public debate. The Strategy defines priorities for the long-term development of science and technologies, and a set of tools for improving scientific and technical spheres that will ensure a new quality of the economic growth of the Republic of Belarus and the country’s future exit to the world level in a number of areas.

The Second Congress of Scientists. Belarus