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17 February 2019

Nine Belarusian exporting companies unveil domestic products in Dubai (UAE) at the major annual world food trade show Gulfood-2019, held on February 17th through 21st. The “Belarus. The Taste of Nature” pavilion is organized by the Exhibition Unitary Enterprise “Belinterexpo” of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Today the UAE is the third world re-export market, exceeded only by Hong Kong and Singapore: the UAE is engaged in trade with more than 220 countries. Besides, the UAE is the key re-export center for food products in the Persian Gulf and it imports more than 90% of food products to Bahrein, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman and Saudi Arabia. 

Gulfood is one of the three largest food trade shows in the world. It is a landmark event for food producers and suppliers. Over 5000 companies from 100 countries take part in the show this year, including: Austria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Canada, China, Lithuania, Malaysia, UAE, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, USA, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan and many others. 

The Belarusian pavilion showcases food products by nine exporting companies of meat, dairy and confectionary products: OJSC Glubokoe dairy-canning factory, OJSC Lida Milk Plant, OJSC Minsk Dairy Plant No.1, State Enterprise Molochny Gostinets, JSC Dairy Company Novogrudok Gifts, LLC Primemilk, OJSC Turov Dairy Industrial Complex, OJSC Slonim Meat Processing Plant and JV OJSC Spartak. The companies are accredited with international ISO certificates in quality management and safety of food products. Moreover, the products presented at the show have Halal certificates. 

A flagship Belarusian product – condensed milk – is showcased by OJSC Glubokoe dairy-canning factory. The product, produced by the company for more than 40 years, is free of preservation agents and flavor intensifiers. The only additive is natural sugar syrup. Powder milk, drinking and concentrated milk and dried whey are also on display. 

Top quality dairy products – milk, butter, cottage cheese and cheese are displayed by OJSC Lida Milk Plant. The plant processes almost 1100 tons of fresh milk every day, and more than 80% of products are exported to dozens of different countries. The branch office of the plant - Smorgon Milk Products - has been supplying whole milk powder to the UAE resident company since 2018.

Dairy products for wider population, including products for infant’s food (milk, whey, butter, chocolate glazed curd bars) are showcased by OJSC Minsk Dairy Plant No.1. The company product range includes over 250 items and is well-known both in Belarus and abroad. 

Products made of high-quality natural raw materials free of preservation agents (milk, cream, butter cream and milkshakes) are offered by State Enterprise Molochny Gostinets. The company also unveils a new premium Le Chalet trade mark (milk, butter cream, sour cream, semi-hard and elite hard cheese). 

A wide range of natural dairy products, free of preservation agents, artificial additives and genetically modified ingredients are demonstrated by JSC Dairy Company Novogrudok Gifts. Semi-hard, soft and pickled cheese, dry skim and whole milk – over 60 product items are produced under the Novogrudok Gifts brand. 

Ingredients based on milk whey for food and feed industry are offered by LLC Primemilk. The pavilion displays a wide range of products: whey powder for infant’s food; dry whey and fat powder INCOFAT-1, non-dairy vegetables based dry creamer for confectionary, baking, meat and other industries; dry whey powder for animal feed stuff. 

Soft cheese based on Italian technologies – new products under Bonfesto brand (double-layer ricotta with different fillings, provoletta and cremolle) is presented by OJSC Turov Dairy Industrial Complex. The company also offers natural soft cheese under CooKing brand (mozzarella, mascarpone, cream cheese), produced in compliance with requirements of professional chefs for the HoReCa segment. The company exports over 80% of its products worldwide.

Beef gourmet products are displayed by OJSC Slonim Meat Processing Plant. The product range of the plant includes over 300 items. Meat products and byproducts, as well as canned meat and meat and cereals of the plant comply with the Halal certificate.  

The favorite treat of kids and grownups - chocolate candies Alenka, Chio-Rio and Little Red Riding Hood – is offered by the Belarusian chocolate maker JV OJSC Spartak. The pavilion also showcases the new products of the company: white chocolate with almonds and coconut, dark and milk chocolate Viva Grazioso.  

The formal opening of the Belarusian pavilion was attended by Mr. Igor Brylo, Deputy Minister for Agriculture and Food, Mr. Igor Bondarev, Consul General of the Republic of Belarus to Dubai (United Arab Emirates), as well as Mr.  Abdelrahman Al Hosani, Director of Dubai Exports. 

B2B workshops and presentations of domestic products featuring guests from the UAE business elite are held as part of the Belarusian pavilion. 

On February 18th the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry organized the Gulfood Breakfast Briefing with a close look at the development trends in the UAE food sector.
On top of it, specialized workshops, thematic conferences on food industry and a number of professional skills competitions are held as part of the Gulfood trade show.

The Belarusian pavilion is organized with the assistance of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Embassy of the Republic of Belarus to the United Arab Nations, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Belarus, Belarusian State Concern of Food Industry Belgospischeprom. 

Belarusian exporting companies at the Gulfood-2019