Industry sectors
26 February 2019

Belarusian companies signed export contracts to supply foodstuffs worth over $13 million at Gulfood 2019, the world's largest annual food & beverages trade show, that took place in the United Arab Emirates on 17-21 February

The exposition “Belarus. The Taste of Nature” was arranged at the expo for the fourth year consecutive. “In 2019 the event was packed with so many events and yielded so many results like never before. This was due to the teamwork of the partners who helped arrange the Belarusian exposition: Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Agriculture and Food Ministry, Belarus' Embassy in the UAE and the General Consulate in Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry,” Belinterexpo said.

The Molochny Gostinets dairy producer signed a $500,000 contract to supply ultra-pasteurized milk, cottage cheese and cheese to the UAE. Primemilk signed contracts with four importers and will ship the first batch of its dairy products this week. Skim milk powder by the Novogrudok Gifts dairy company will be supplied to several countries: 300 tonnes to Egypt, Syria and the UAE and 25 tonnes to Afghanistan. 

Lida Milk Plant reached arrangements to supply dairy products to Syria. The first batch will be shipped in March. Interest in whole milk products by Minsk Dairy Plant No. 1 was shown by business people from Syria, Oman, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Algeria, Jordan, Lebanon, Bahrain, India, Pakistan and other countries.

Glubokoye Dairy Canning Factory has plans to deliver milk powder, whole milk and concentrated milk to Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Afghanistan. 

Turov Dairy Industrial Complex provided product samples (mozzarella for pizza, mozzarella with milk fat replacer, cream cheese, and mascarpone) to potential partners from Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and other countries of the Gulf. Chocolate and sweets by the Spartak confectionary got the thumbs-up from distributors from the UAE, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. 

Companies from Oman, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Afghanistan showed interest in the products of Slonim Meat Processing Plant. Agreements were reached to supply chilled boneless beef to the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, chilled frozen bone-in meat to Armenia and Kazakhstan, and finished beef products to Georgia.

Minoblmyasomolprom and Hakan Agro, a large international food importer, signed a contract to supply more than 200 tonnes of milk powder to the UAE. 

Since exposition areas at the Gulfood expo are in high demand, Belinterexpo advises domestic producers to hurry up to book places at the Belarusian exposition in Dubai in 2020. 

Taking into consideration the interest in Belarusian products in Asia and Africa, Belinterexpo invites Belarusian food producers to display their products at other expos that will take place in 2019, including expositions in Azerbaijan, Angola, Indonesia, Iraq, Qatar, China, Mongolia, Nigeria, United Arab Emirates, Syria, Sudan, Turkey, Uzbekistan and other countries. Apart from that, this year there will be two large-scale exhibitions of Belarusian producers Made in Belarus in Georgia and Kazakhstan. Expositions are also planned in Argentina, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Germany, Cuba, Poland, Russia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Sweden.


$13m worth of contracts at UAE expo