Industry sectors
24 April 2020

The Exhibition Unitary Enterprise “Belinterexpo” of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry has registered the trademark (service mark) of Made in Belarus exhibitions and pavilions of Belarusian manufacturers with the National Center of Intellectual Property.

The trademark is a pentagonal figure symbolizing a house (the common house of the Belarusians – their country) as well as resembling the “Quality Mark” known since Soviet times, when Belarus was “an assembly shop” of the USSR.

Inside the pentagon, there is a flax flower with five petals. Flax is one of the symbols of Belarus, which is present on the national emblem of the country. The growing and production of flax requires lots of work, talent and experience: the whole cycle of linen fabric production from fiber to the finished product includes more than 110 process operations.

The frame of the pentagon with a flower inside has the colour of flax petals, blue. Two petals are painted in green, and three are red, which reflects the colours of the national flag of Belarus, including their proportion and positioning.

The petals are stylized as five persons standing in a circle and holding hands, which reflects the idea of national unity and common work for the sake of the maintenance and strengthening of the independence, identity and wellbeing of Belarus.

The concept of the logo has been worked out by Eugeniy Vvedenskiy, Director of Belinterexpo enterprise; the graphic solution belongs to Olga Gvozdova, a company designer

Еxhibition unitary enterprise “Belinterexpo” of the belcci has registered the trademark of made in belarus exhibitions and pavilions