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21 December 2021

In 2021 “Belinterexpo” acted as an exhibition company for 25 exhibitions and pavilions in 11 countries: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Serbia, Syria, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Four events were part of the Schedule of the National Exhibitions and Expositions: exhibitions in the UAE, China, Russia and Kazakhstan. In addition to national events, 18 expositions were held abroad as a separate initiative and without state financing.


Three exhibitions were held in Belarus: Day of the Belarusian Science – 2021, The Belt of Unity, and a pavilion of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus at BelAgro.

162 companies took part in the foreign expositions organized by “Belinterexpo”; given that a number of companies took part in the events more than once, the number of participations amounted to 300.

The total exhibition space of the Belarusian expositions totaled 2,414.00 sqm: 1.6 thd. sqm in pavilions and 830 sqm at outdoor venues.

Most active participants of foreign exhibitions were food factories, as well as affiliates of Belgospishcheprom concern. Other active participants include institutions of the Ministry of Industry, science and technology institutions: the State Committee on Science and Technology, the Ministry of Education, the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. Companies of Belneftekhim Concern were also actively involved in the exhibitions. The expositions highlighted 10 privately owned enterprises.


Agencies of the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Sports and Tourism, the Ministry of Energy, the State Customs Authorities, and the State Authority for Military Industry were one-time participants.

The greatest number of exhibitors – 63 companies – was from Minsk. Minsk companies participated in the exhibitions 119 times. This was followed by Minsk Region, Grodno and Gomel Regions (30-40 companies).

The leading participants of the Belarusian pavilions abroad are: Babushkina krynka and a confectionary plant Spartak. These two companies took part in the expositions and exhibitions, where “Belinterexpo” acted as an exhibition company, as many as seven times.

Other active participants include Belgospishcheprom concern, confectionary plants Krasny pischevik and Slodych; they participated in expositions six times. MINSK KRISTALL and Kommunarka participated in the events five times.Belneftekhim Concern, Belshina, Grodno meat-packing plant, Mogilevkhimvolokno, Molochny Mir, Slutsk Sugar Plant and Slutsk Cheese-Making Plant took part in the Made in Belarus country pavilions four times.


This year we piloted a format of hybrid participation in exhibitions. As part of the Belarusian pavilions at Gulfood in Dubai and INNOPROM in Yekaterinburg we created a virtual mirror of the exposition that allowed online tracking of the event, review of the exhibits, appointment of meetings with exhibitors.

A remote participation format was implemented three times: at exhibitions in Azerbaijan, China and Syria. In this case representatives of “Belinterexpo” were arranging negotiations between participant companies and foreign partners by means of videoconferencing.

Congress events were held as part of expositions: bilateral agro forums took place in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan, a presentation of the Belarusian industrial capacity was held in Serbia. Participants of the national exposition in Kazakhstan had an opportunity to take part in the international convention World of Trade. Information and marketing workshops preceding the opening of the exhibitions were held in Azerbaijan and Armenia. Traditionally, the Made in Belarus expositions go hand in hand with a busy business program – visits to manufacturing and trade companies, participation in B2B meetings and matchmaking sessions, professional contests and presentations.


Provision of a full range of exhibition and trip services, including arrangement of PCR-tests in Belarus and other countries, obtaining permits to visit countries and exhibitions (in case of such restrictions, for example, in Azerbaijan and China), as well as management of all logistical and organizational issues, allowed making these events efficient and convenient for participants.

In the course and as a result of the exhibitions and forums organized by “Belinterexpo”, Belarusian companies signed 86 agreements and contracts for over 80 USD Million (80,685 Million); including, as part of national expositions – to the amount of 15.4 USD Million.

In terms of the amount of contracts signed, the most successful Belarusian expositions proved to be at the exhibitions KHIMIA in Moscow – 29.3 USD Million, INNOPROM. Big Industrial Week Uzbekistan, UzProdExpo/UzAgro Expo in Uzbekistan, FoodExpo Kazakhstan in Kazakhstan - 13 USD Million each, Gulfood – 7 USD Million, INNOPROM in Yekaterinburg – 2.2 USD Million. From an industry point of view, the largest contract amounts at the exhibitions were awarded to enterprises of petrochemical, machine building and food industries.


Another important global exhibition event I would like to mention is the World EXPO 2020 that opened in Dubai in October 2021 and will continue until March 2022. This event is worth visiting if you are interested in the technologies of the future, contemporary architecture and design, and territorial marketing.

Given that Dubai has recently gained its ground as an international exhibition center, major international exhibitions in this emirate acquired a particular value and extended their scope. That is why right now it is so convenient to take part in one of the major exhibitions in the UAE, and have a look at the inspiring exposition of the World EXPO. “Belinterexpo” is an authorized distributor of tickets to the World EXPO 2020 and it offers to arrange a turnkey trip to the UAE to these events.


Both organizers and participants of the exhibitions faced a couple of new challenged this year.

Prices for construction materials have considerably increased around the world, thus causing an average of 40% increase in the net cost of booth construction.

The number of flights decreased, while the tickets got more expensive, and reaching your destination became more challenging.

A huge problem is cancellation or transfer of exhibitions because of an aggravated situation with the pandemic at late stages, when all advance payments have been already made, tickets have been purchased and so on.


Possibility of physical entry to countries is changing constantly and unpredictably depending on the pandemic. That is why organization of an exposition turns into a sort of a quest: you can make a down payment for a space, a booth and a hotel, and still face an event cancellation. Such situations arise from time to time and lead to extra costs and reduced motivation to participate in exhibitions in general. Here I would like to emphasize that in such contexts we’ve always tried to respond quickly, and we refunded all down payments to the participants.

Most countries require a pre-entry COVID-19 PCR-test taken 72 or 48 hours before the flight. This means that when planning a trip, booking a booth, a flight ticket and a hotel, a participant can’t be 100% sure that a test result will not happen to be positive and nothing will go wrong with a trip. Therefore, you need to get more staff ready for a trip in case some members of the delegation may drop out after the test, and that actually happened. Moreover, applying for and scheduling a PCR-test may be quite a challenge because everything may be booked a month and even more ahead.

Today, getting ready for a trip, we need to take particular care of our health and avoid any risks of getting ill. Even if you tested negative for a coronavirus, you may not be allowed to leave Belarus at the airport if you have signs of fever or cold, or, which is also not good, you may not be allowed to the plane on your way back, if your temperature rises in the host country. Please note that most foreign exhibitions now apply strict safety measures.


Given the above, it is very convenient for Belarusian companies to work with one exhibition company “Belinterexpo” which is continuously monitoring the situation and addresses all technical issues in a comprehensive manner, and the payments with which are made in Belarusian rubles.

Participation in a shared exposition has a number of other advantages: such expositions get a priority location in a pavilion, they enjoy heightened attention of key visitors, distinguished guests, and mass media. All technical issues of exhibition participation are tackled together, thus relieving the company employees from unusual tasks. A special PR campaign is carried out, print-outs are made in the language of the country, and additional staff is involved: a photographer, interpreters. All issues of trip organization are also addressed in an integrated manner: visas, flight tickets, hotel, transfers, and now even Covid-19 PCR-tests. Participation in the Made in Belarus expositions means convenience, prestige and efficiency.


The Foreign Exhibitions Calendar 2022 made by “Belinterexpo” includes over 100 exhibitions in different countries. We will be happy to receive your recommendations, comments and suggestions! Ultimately, our job is to help Belarusian companies find business partners and extend their export geography. Therefore, Dear Valued Exhibitors, your success is our greatest award!

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