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14 December 2021
For the first time ever the Belarusian delegation took part in the major Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai held on December 6-8 in Dubai. The delegation included representatives of Minsk Dairy Plant No.1, Agricultural complex "Zhdanovichy", Rogachevsky MKK and other companies that demonstrated their export capacities and new products to the business communities from the UAE and other countries.


During the exhibition, the Belarusian delegation studied latest products and trends in organic and natural products manufacturing that may be further used for development of new challenging food brands. The exposition included natural hand-made mojito and mascarpone flavored sweets, organic ketchup and mayonnaise, microgreens and other innovative products. As part of the business program, representatives of the Belarusian plants took part in the conferences and workshops dedicated to production, sale and distribution of organic products, operation of bio farms and latest trends in the hospitality industry.

Speakers – experts from the UAE and other Middle East countries – emphasized that a demand for organic and natural products in the UAE and other countries of the region keeps growing, thus resulting in required elaboration of relevant lines in the companies’ food portfolios. “Increased demand for eco goods has much to do with the pandemic: people started to take care of their health. We forecast increasing sales volume in the industry, and decreasing prices due to a highly competitive environment. That is why the companies who are willing to fill their niche at the market, need to act fast”, emphasized Ms. Natalie Carvalho, a representative of Truebell (UAE).


Mr. Yazen Al Kodmani, a representative of Roots Organic (UAE), called for setup of bioorganic farms. According to him, it is important not only to produce but also to sell products directly at the farm – for example, in a café or a restaurant, which, along with delivery, can bring extra profit. Based on expert estimates, the greatest demand for organic products in the Middle East is in Dubai rather than anywhere else. In general, whole-milk products – yogurts and ultra heat-treated milk enjoy popularity in the UAE. In the segment of natural cosmetics – products for kids and pregnant women are highly popular. One of the key factors for product promotion in this region is package design.

The Belarusian delegation held negotiations with representatives of such companies as Galeks-Agro, Honey-Energy, Haterk Foods, and Stravgreen. The parties discussed opportunities for promotion of the Belarusian products (milk, poultry, eggs, beef, meat and other products) to the UAE and the Gulf markets. Moreover, representatives of the Belarusian companies visited the World EXPO-2020, including the pavilion of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the food expo SIAL Middle East in Abu Dhabi.


“Many countries of the EXPO are thinking ahead, thus having an advantage in terms of export deliveries and product promotion. The Belarusian pavilion displays sufficient information on Belarusian companies. I believe this will encourage conclusion of cooperation agreements between Belarusian and foreign companies,” outlined Mr. Bashar Assad Mohamad, Head of Export Markets Diversification Department, Minsk Dairy Plant No.1.

During the food and beverage expo SIAL Middle East the Belarusian delegation held negotiations with representatives of Lulu hypermarkets. The parties discussed possibilities for production of goods under the Lulu trademark. In its turn, the Emirati company expressed interest in purchasing dairy products for further deliveries to the markets of the UAE and Qatar.


Following the UAE exhibitions, Minsk Dairy Plant No.1 signed a contract with an Emirati company for delivery of dry skim milk and whey powder to the amount of 500 USD Thousand. The plant also works towards signing contracts with an UAE company for delivery of dry skim milk, whey powder, and butter with 82.5% fat content to Saudi Arabia and Bahrein, and with a Yemen company – for delivery of milk whey.

A business visit of the Belarusian delegation to the exhibitions in Dubai was organized by Exhibition Unitary Enterprise “Belinterexpo” of the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The enterprise is an authorized representative of the Middle East Organic and Natural Product Expo Dubai in the CIS countries and an authorized distributor of tickets to the World EXPO-2020.


In 2022 “Belinterexpo” will act as an organizer of Belarusian pavilions at the international exhibitions in the UAE that traditionally prove their high efficiency for the Belarusian companies. The Belarusian pavilion will take place at the Gulfood food and beverage trade exhibition on February 13–17 in Dubai for the seventh time. In 2021 Belarusian participants of Gulfood signed contracts to the amount of 7 USD Million.

We’ll be happy to see you as participants!

Belarusian Delegation Took Part in the Organic and Natural Product Expo in Dubai