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26 February 2020
The Belarusian exposition Made in Belarus has gone on view at the international furniture fair Meble Polska 2020 which is running in Poznan, Poland on 25-28.

The exposition is displaying products of four Belarusian manufacturers: Ivatsevichdrev, Rechitsadrev, Mogilevdrev, and Panormo Mebel.

Ivatsevichdrev already exports furniture and wood boards to the Polish market. This year its stand features modern furniture collections Insar, Annika, Toivo, and Silvi under the MyStar trademark. The enterprise is also demonstrating its latest decorative chipboard of the BySpan trademark.

For the first time the Rechitsadrev and Mogilevdrev companies are exhibiting under the auspices of the holding of woodworking organizations BORWOOD. “The enterprises have set up an eye-catching stand under a single concept – Cosy Home. Furniture from eco-friendly materials enjoys popularity in the European market, so Mogilevdrev is showcasing a dining set and furniture pieces from solid pine and Rechitsadrev – a kitchen set from plywood”.

Panormo Mebel is taking part in the fair for the first time. “The company has decided to win the Polish market with the help of its collection of cabinet furniture Bristol from solid oak and veneered medium-density fiberboard. The essential features that distinguish the collection are the possibility to decorate front pieces of the furniture with any image and the use of front pieces from artificially weathered solid wild oak. Panormo Mebel is the first Belarusian company to start making such items”.

Meble Polska annually brings together large furniture and woodworking enterprises and draws visitors from 65 countries.

In 2020, the Belarusian exposition Made in Belarus is set to go on display in more than 40 countries, including in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Zimbabwe, Kazakhstan, China, Mozambique, Oman, Syria, Tajikistan, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, and South Africa. Belarus also intends to participate in expos in Georgia, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Serbia, Ukraine, and France
Belarus showcases furniture at Meble Polska 2020 expo in Poznan