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4 November 2020
Belarus confirmed its participation at the 3rd China International Import Expo. For the two countries this is another opportunity to strengthen already strong economic relations and business contacts.

Could not have come at a better time, and on November 2nd Minsk and Beijing announced a setup of the assigned work group to streamline trade procedures, resulting in significant growth of cooperation.
"One of the priorities and advanced directions of further cooperation between the parties is expansion of two-way trade. There is a need to intensify direct contacts between the Belarusian exporters and the Chinese trading enterprises and chambers", - outlined the Ministry of Economics.

On November 5th the Chinese partners will have an opportunity to review offers of the Belarusian manufacturers in the National Pavilion of the Republic of Belarus held as part of the China International Import Expo. It will be the first time to have this exposition online, which will allow discussing all and any of the issues with the representatives of the major country’s enterprises without even leaving the office. The national pavilion will showcase all core areas of the Belarusian economy: oil and gas, information technologies, metallurgy, food and agricultural products, tourism and a lot more.  

The formal opening ceremony of the online exposition will take place at 10.00 (GMT+ 3) on November 5th. And on November 10th the Belarusian and Chinese Business Forum will be held as part of the CIIE. The parties will discuss elaboration of trade and economic relations, prospects for cooperation, investment potential of both countries, as well as opportunities for promotion of Belarusian products to the Chinese market.

It is revealing that a wide range of Belarusian goods, including foodstuffs, finds a ready sale in the Celestial Empire.

“We are working closely with China. As of today, our export estimates $61 mln. At the year-end we plan to reach $90 mln, and in 2020 we are going to approach $100 mln. We deliver a wide range of goods. The key driver this year was meat products: we delivered 5.5 ths. tons of poultry, 2.5 ths. tons of beef,” – stated Alexei Bogdanov, the Head of the Foreign Economic Activity Directorate at the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Products.

The general sponsor of the online exposition is RUE Beltamozhservice, which is also expanding its cooperation with China: as part of the Silk Road project the company renders a full range of services for shipment of goods from Belarus to China and from China to Belarus. Here it is worthwhile to mention that in January-September 2020 freight traffic by the Belarusian railroad increased by 1.6 times between China and Europe compared to 2019.

The relations of Belarus and China are maintained on the highest level, which was repeatedly outlined by the counties’ leaders.

"The Chinese people need to know that the Belarusians are strong-willed and reliable people, and sincere friends,” – declared the President Alexander Lukashenko.

The Chinese partners will see this for themselves in the national pavilion of Republic of Belarus at CIIE, starting on November 5th at

Belarus & China: Credible Partners Cable to Strengthen Cooperation at the CIIE