Industry sectors
International Exhibition NEFTEGAZEXPO - 2021
19 — 21 October 2021
Kiev, Ukraine
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The main goal of the event is to help increase oil and gas production and improve the efficiency of using these resources through the introduction of modern technologies, equipment and services.

The international exhibition "NEFTEGAZEXPO-2021" will be held simultaneously with:
VI International Specialized Exhibition "Mining & Minerals Expo - 2021";
XIX International Specialized Exhibition "Energy in Industry - 2021";
IV International Specialized Exhibition "Electro Install - 2021";
XIV International specialized exhibition "Ecoenergy Expo - 2021"
  • Exploration and geophysical equipment and services
  • Drilling stationary and mobile installations. Drilling tool
  • Well operation equipment
  • Equipment for development and workover of wells
  • Drilling fluids and chemicals, additives and materials
  • Pumping, compressor and drive technology
  • Equipment for gas pumping, control and distribution stations
  • Pipelines and fittings. Transport
  • Protection of equipment and pipelines from corrosion
  • Automated control systems. Telemechanization
  • Control and measuring devices. Diagnostics
  • Laboratory equipment, instruments and glassware
  • Power and electrical equipment. Cable production
  • Oil and gas processing and petrochemistry. Equipment and technologies
  • Equipment for oil depots, oil and gas storages
  • Industrial, environmental and fire safety. Occupational Safety and Health
priority placement in the pavilion
advertising and information support
booth decoration
invitation of business circles to visit the exposition
organization of related business events (meetings, seminars, visits to manufacturing enterprises and retail chains)
comprehensive solution of presentation and organizational issues: printed materials, photographers, promoters, booking air tickets, assistance in obtaining a visa, transfer, accommodation, insurance
  • Ukraine is a state in Eastern Europe with a population of over 48 million inhabitants. The volume of GDP for 2020 amounted to $ 543.8 billion.
  • Ukraine belongs to the category of countries with developed industrial potential, the country's industry includes about 300 industries. The leading industries are ferrous metallurgy and mechanical engineering
  • Agriculture in Ukraine is a key sector of its economy. On the territory of Ukraine there are 32 million hectares of black soil, which is a third of arable land throughout Europe
  • Belarus and Ukraine are important trading partners for each other. In 2020, trade with Ukraine amounted to US $ 4.5 billion. Export of Belarusian goods to Ukraine amounted to $ 3.1 billion
  • There is a developed distribution network of Belarusian exporters in Ukraine, which consists of more than 100 companies. Such flagships of the Belarusian economy as BelAZ, MAZ, MTZ, Belaruskali and Atlant have an extensive network of dealer structures in the regions.
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