We invite you to participate in the international exhibition "WOODWORKING - 2021"
26 — 29 October 2021
Minsk, Belarus
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About the exhibition
WOODWORKING - is an exhibition of equipment and technologies for the forestry, woodworking and furniture industries. The exhibition will feature tools and machinery for wood processing, products for tooling machines, technical means for the disposal of wood waste, energy production from wood fuel, means for energy conservation, environmental protection; software and more.

The exhibition will be focused on the environmental issues, especially the disposal of wood waste. The global trend is that today this waste is processed into a special type of fuel, which is burned to heat residential buildings. The efficiency of this process, taking into account the latest innovations, is high. How to achieve this can be found by visiting the Bioenergy showroom at the WOODWORKING-2021. It will also consider issues of technology and equipment for the production and combustion of various types of biofuels, renewable energy sources, biomass, bioprocesses.
Exhibition Sections
  • Timber-harvesting works - machinery and equipment
  • Log-processing equipment and machinery, drying equipment
  • Transport facilities, packing, warehousing and logistics
  • Woodworking and furniture production - machinery, equipment, instrument and technologies
  • Joinery and carpentry - machinery, instruments, tools and accessories
  • Paintwork materials, glues, fillings, chemicals for wood protection
  • Pulp-and-paper production
  • Instrumentation
  • Technological process automation
  • Finished articles - lumber, furniture articles; parquetry; transport packaging; plywood; veneer sheet; batten boards, wooden plastics; chipboards and fibber boards
  • WOODEN HOUSE BUILDING - houses, bath-houses, timber arbors, beams, frame-houses, glued carpentry (incl. bridle systems, columns, wall panels) interior components (incl. floors, doors, windows, stairs), terraces, flooring, exterior paneling
  • Environmental protection, waste utilization and recycling
  • Labor protection. Fire safety. Work wear
  • Research activities. Special literature. Education
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